Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Of course it's now Tuesday in both hemispheres but thats ok.

The second Monday of October is Canadian Thanksgiving and Laura and I being Canadians decided to celebrate it properly. We invited all the teachers and had a feast. There being no turkey in Korea we had chicken but everything else was the same pretty much. Teachers signed up to bring other things (potatos, veggie tray, fruit tray etc) and Laura and I provided chicken, wild rice, chocolate chess pie (or if you are Laura; "checker pie") and naniamo bars. She and I also typed up a "quiz" where they had to guess things about Canada. The other game was the yes/no game; the forbidden word being "no". About halfway through only about 3 people of 14 had their flag pins and one other teacher had the rest so it was a challenge to see who could get the pins off whomever had it. It got passed around but Matt Smith ended up with them at the end of the night. I hope to get pictures eventually.

"A good time was had by all."


mom said...

We had chicken & wild rice soup but we entertaied Dr & Mrs. McCune - both wonderful and crazy as ever at age 72, plus Pastor Costea from Romania. Ben and Amy were probably bored but we have MUCH to thank our loving Lord for - including freinds and family serving Him all over the world!

GRUMZY said...

joanna, jamie and mom fixed this for
me so I can now read you blog. I am
so excited that now I can hear from you and can now talk to you too. please e-mail me so i can have your
address and can e-mail you... I may
learn this computer stuff yet. We
had taco's for supper last night and Joy and Randy and Christy and Jamie and you mom were here. then christy and Joy and Randy went to Corey's game
Mom, Jamie, Pop and I played hearts by the first fire of the year.
Today we went to north georgia to the apple barn...etc...