Tuesday, October 10, 2006


My gongi set

In Korea the kids grow up playing a game called "gongi". The best thing I can compare it to would be jacks. I am slowly learning the game, but as it requires an amount of hand-eye co-ordination I do not have it's slow going. But I am improving. There are 5 gongi pieces and 5 "levels" to the game. You first cast the beads as if you were casting dice then choose one pick it up and toss it in the air as if you were juggeling (just a light toss) then you quickly (and w/o touching any of the other beads) pick up a bead on the floor and catch the one you tossed before it hits the ground. You do that untill all beads are picked up, keeping the beads you have picked up in your hand as you play. Then you cast again, toss but this time pick up 2 beads untill all beads are picked up. Then cast again, toss 1, pick up 3 or 1, toss and pick up the remaining. Then keeping all 5 in your hand you toss one, slap the 4 on the floor and catch. Then toss again, pick up the 4 and catch. Finally (this is the hard part), keeping the 5 in your hand (best to have them on your fingers) lightly toss them up, flip your hand over and catch as many as you can on the back of your hand. Then those you caught you toss off the back of your hand and catch overhand. This is best played sitting on the floor.

Chicago likes gongi as well; he chases the beads when I drop them, picks them up in his mouth and runs away. I think he likes me chasing him to get it back. It is useful though - I have never had to get one from under the couch - he always runs under and gets it so all I have to do is get him out from under the couch.


mom said...

So we get to learn a new game at Christmas?

Becca said...

Lol! I like Chicago's version of the game.