Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spirit Week

This week is Spirit Week here at SCS. Monday (yesterday) was "Career Day". The students came dressed as some career. I had an announcer, a scientist/missionary, a ballerina, a Pastor, and a Doctor. I was a soldier (I had found some great cargo/camo pants when I went shopping for other things). At the school-wide assembly the elementary was to perform a song about careers/work; something along those lines. I had my class learn the button song ("Hello, my name is Joe, and I work in a button factory, I have a wife, a dog and a family...). We got first place for both enthusiasiam and for performance!!! We are now in second place with 150 points. The winner of the week gets a longer lunch period to go out to eat.

Today was sports day. All of my kids dressed out for this one. I had an inline skater, a golf player, a tennis player, a cyclist, 2 badminton players, and 2 soccer players (one in a Korea jersey and one from Brazil). I was a roder rider (anything to wear pants). Our competition today was to make some sort of sports sculpture, but I won't know how we did untill tomorrow when we have another assembly. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow or Thursday.

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Go 5th grade go!