Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Look!

So last night I went to get new glasses. I had needed them for a while and Linda was headed that way anyways so I went thinking I'd drop off the perscription and get the glasses. Well 30 min later I had new specs. I LOVE this pair!! No-one knew I was getting them and so the glasses were a suprise when people saw me. Especally my kids who said: "What is wrong with you?" instead of "what's different". Well I was not done...

I've needed a trim for some time and Laura Talbert cuts hair. So we decided she was to trim it while our kids were in music todasy (about 12:15). As she was doing so we were chatting and I told her I was thinking of getting it cut short but was not completly sure yet. Well - she just went for it, which was fine by me as I then did not have to make the decision (= Needless to say - the kids were shocked again....and the teachers.

Whadda ya think?


Becca said...

Hey hot stuff! Lookin' kicky!

Anonymous said...

mmm, mmm! u r lookin' fine! in 1 word, 'yum.'