Friday, December 15, 2006

If Anybody Asks You Where I'm Goin'

I'm goin' home!

It is currently 8:15pm on December 14th. Tomorrow at 5:15pm (if not before) another teacher and myself are boarding our flight to San Fransisco. From there to Denver then to Minneapolis. I land in Minneapolis at 9:18pm on Saturday the 15th.

The Christmas Program went well by all accounts (I was not there as I was the stair shepherd). We actually started the day at 10:30 and went until the program was over. Some of these kids live so far away (as much as 2 hours) it's not prudent to have them leave at 3:30 only to return at 7. 5th grade got in, took two tests, had reading (I just read aloud) then went to lunch. After lunch and recess we white gloved the room and got it ready for break. Then it was dinner time. After dinner I had them rest for about an hour (they were getting antsy). And at 7 we went up to the roof where we usually have recess and played tag. Playing tag with my kids in the dark on the roof is so far the most fun I have had while I was here. I have not played tag for ages.

Today was a play day in school. I brought in pudding (which they had never had), and other snacks and we played games. I also read them some of A.A. Milne's poetry (including King John's Christmas). Then they left at 12. One of the kids gave me a fruit basket. I have never seen a fruit basket so big. There were about 24 oranges, a pineapple, cantaloupe, 4 kiwi, 2 pomegranates, 2 grapefruit, 2 Asian pears (which are about as big as my head), 2 mango, and 2 other fruit that no-one can identify but the consensus is that it is good. I feel like I am forgetting something else that was in it but... The unidentifiable fruit is pink and has leave-type things on it. It kinda looks like a large bud. We have ruled out cactus fruit and prickly pear. I have not eaten it yet but will tell you how it is.

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Rhonda said...

Have a safe trip home and very Merry Christmas with your family!!