Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I'm in a similar situation as Mel. But when I took the test a second (and third) time I got the same results but different numbers. The second and third times I took more time to take the test instead of breezing through it.

I'm ISTJ (56-25-25-44 [time 2]/56-38-12-67 [time 3]). Other ISTJs are Eeyore and Puddleglum (of The Silver Chair fame). I certainly hope I don't have that depressing personality.

Things I thought were pretty correct: puncuality (I'm the one whose 5min early [but not lately]), I prefer to work with the facts, easily frustrated by the inconsistencies of others especally when they don't keep their commentments (thats me for sure), prefer to have the facts before I do what I'm doing (if I do not know the reason for doing something it drives me up the wall).

Things I'm not so sure about: do I give the initial impression of aloofness? my devotion to duty comes and goes; if it's something I like I'm all over it, if not don't hold your breath, and I certainly hope I don't do things "just because thats the way we do them". If you know of a better way I usually like to know. Doesn't mean I'll use it, depends if it'll work for me.

Is this accurate?

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YFM said...

I think your mother spent too much time reasoning with you when you were a small child.