Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I've started a plan to lose weight. I got a workout DVD while I was at home and have done it a few times. Sunday afternoon I came up with a plan. If by my brithday I have only missed 5 days of the plan I can purchace myself a nice camera. If I go a month missing 2 days or less I can pamper myself (facial, manicure etc), a week and I can eat out. If I lose 30 pounds by the end of the school year I get a new wardrobe when I go home. The plan is a mix of cutting back on some things, and adding more things and portion controll. I write down everything I eat. Workout is the DVD (alternating arms/abs and legs/butt on days), jump rope and 5 floors of stairs 2x a day.

I've also added a few other things; I'm terrible at getting my lesson plans in and grading done, I am also very inconsistent in my devotions. I can't leave school untill the subjet of the day is planned for the next week and that same subject is graded. Or untill I do the stairs 2x.

Everytime I do a day right I get a sticker. (=

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gloriane said...

yay for stickers! :)