Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ouch! (Warning: You might not want to read this one)

This morning Jonathan Threlfall (who is visiting his family for Christmas) did Sunday school and it was one of those "ouch" ones. It was on I Peter 5:5-7 talking about God resisting the proud but giving grace to the humble. He gave us three marks of a proud person (he warned us before he started that it was going to be a lesson that rubbed everone the wrong way because it rubbed him the wrong way) and some marks for humility.

1. Someone who seldom prays. One who does not pray thinks that they can get through life on their own.
2. Sin does not bother them. They are showing they are above God (or at least they think [wether or not they realize it; hopefully when you realize it it will get fixed] they are) when they sin against the One who died to remove that sin.
3. Not thankful people. Usually having a critical spirit; noticing the shortcomings of others who do not live up to their standards. If they are thankful they will not notice the "bad" things but nitice and focus on the good.

Comments he made about all three of those made me go "ouch" many many times. It was something I needed, I even found myself being critical several times today and had to remind myself that I was showing evidence of a prideful spirit.

Then he had things to say about humility.

1. Humility is equal to obedience; How obedient am I?
2. Do we do menial tasks with out complaint or an expectation to be noticed for our work? Look at Christ washing the disciples feet.
3. We become humble by giving all our cares to the Lord. It means we are not worring about them and in our pride trying to take care of them but in our humility letting the Lord take care of them the way He sees fit to.


gloriane said...

so true!! thanks for sharing your heart! and thanks for the reminder!

YFM said...

So thankful for cleansing, life changing Truth!