Monday, January 01, 2007

"Excuse Me Sir"

Well, I'm back. Flew outta Minneapolis at 7:05pm, landed in Chicago at 8:30 and flew out at 1 am. On the long flight there was a little boy (Korean) about 8 years old sitting one seat over with the seat in the middle empty. I ended up falling asleep and a few times while I was asleep he had to get up. I heard him say "Excuse me" a few times but it was not untill about the 5th time he got up that I heard the entire phrase he was saying; "Excuse me sir. Thank you." In Korea the kids learn dialogue in English, not much more. I would guess that he learned that in English hagwon (kind of like English class in the evenings) as he seemed not to know much more when I tried to talk to him. It was funny.

Then on the flight when we crossed the dateline the captian woke yelled a countdown over the loudspeaker and woke several of us up and no-one was too impressed. Oh well; I'm still here.

Classes start up again Thursday. I'll be taking the 6th grade for a few days as Laura will be coming in late with a sprained ankle. That will be interesting.


Delaura said...

And for your help I am eternally thankful!!

Rhonda said...

Glad you're back safely! I will keep your list for future boxes!