Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Less of me, more of them

So as apreviously mentioined I am in the process of a lifestyle change. I have done pretty well working out and eating right. I've missed a few days while I'm still trying to figure out how to work this out. Yet with all that the scale told me on Monday that I was 5lbs lighter!! Happiness to me. I'll keep you posted as to how I'm doing.

This week we got more students. Laura's class doubled as she gained 1 boy and 4 girls. Merilee got another boy and girl, and second grade and kindergarted each got another boy. My class is the only one that has not been added to. But it kind of has, because I teach the 6th graders reading. I currently do not have enough books for the class and we are getting another 6th grader for a month at the end of January (he's coming for his winter break). Again with the Korean mindset towards education. For a while I'll be photocopying worksheets and having kids share books. Laura and I are worried about some of her students; they are not that well versed in English. One of the girls barely speaks any at all. Hopefully they catch up quickly. Some of them might have to go to a lower grade for Reading.


KatriniZambini said...

Yesterday I saw a clever quotation on one of the knicknacks at Unique thrift store:
"This is the first month of my new far I've lost 15 days!"

Rhonda said...

Yay for weight loss!! Great job!!

PS: love the chopsticks!!!!

tanya said...

WAY TO GO GIRL!! I know you have a competition with your wonderful mother .. whom I love very much!! Good Luck to BOTH of you!!