Saturday, February 24, 2007


Some of you might have noticed (but I really doubt any of you actually have) that I put a counter on my blog about 2 weeks ago. Its purely for prides sake; I want to know how many people read my blog. Especially since hardly anyone comments anymore. There are a few who do (Rhonda and Mum) but then maybe my posts are not that comment worthy.... Anyway, one of the cool features of my counter is that when I look at the account I have it tells me where people are who read my blog. Most of my readers are in South Carolina, Minnesota and Georgia. I have a few in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ontario, and Michigan. I have a reader in China too! Then there are the places I am not sure about (as in I don't think I know anyone there who would read the blog) those places are Maryland, California and New Jersey. There are other locations but I really can't remember them all.

I would be interested to know who you are. So (if you would kindly indulge me) I ask you to leave a comment and tell me who you are and where you are, and if necessary how you found the blog. Even if I know you are a loyal reader I'd appreciate it.


Rhonda said...

Hi Joanna,
I'm your faithful Greenville, South Carolina reader! I try to check in once a day to see if there is anything new. Around here, we're watching American Idol and glad that Chris Sligh made it thru the first cut!!
Other than that, we're slogging thru our usual nasty February weather, drinking Starbucks mochas (I took your Korean picture to my local one...they loved it! How do you order a Raspberry Mocha there?) Everyone here is well, finally getting over some nasty flus and pneumonia!
Miranda's basketball team is #1 and going into the playoffs at the BJJH!
Take care and keep in touch!

mel said...

Well, I'm at Panera on Woodruff Rd. right now, but usually I'm somewhere in NC. And I usually read your posts through my Google Reader, so I probably don't show up in the stats anyway. But I do read your posts. :)

Anonymous said...

Your loving grandfather from Tennessee reads your blogs. I like this convenient way of keeping up with what you are doing.

We are proud of you and glad you are enjoying your ministry.

What creature is a person born in 1935?

love much...Grandpa Cardell

Joseph & Rebekah said...

Hello Hobbit,
I usually check in once a week or so to see how my favorite Korean teacher is doing. Even Katherine knows who you are since your photo is on our fridge (your name is Ja Bababa). I have been watching your Harry Potter counter with interest since I told my self that as soon as the newest book came out I would read the Half-Blood Prince and it all at once (I haven't had the energy to tackle it yet). Oh, and I usually never leave comments because I didn't know I was allowed (since I don't Blog). But there you have it- you do have a small but loyal PA fan club!

Anonymous said...

Dear, Dear Joanna. I am a faithfull reader of your blog and I apologize that I very selfishly read what you have to say. laugh to myself and shake my head then go on about my day. I will try to comment more often so that you in return can shake your head at me.

Your favorite cousin!!

KatriniZambini said...

Hi, Joanna.
Just another Minnesota reader: Katrina Zartman, Linda Rupert's (one of the teachers at your school) sister.
The Maryland reader may be Laura Carter, our other sister. She lives in Baltimore.