Friday, February 09, 2007

International Day

So today was International Day. And this week was a loooong week. But a fun week. My teaching consisted of 5 or six lessons total for the week. The rest of the time we worked on ID. The kids did mosaics, Arabic and Tiffanigh writing and got the room ready. We put a rug in the middle of the room and they brought in pillows to sit on the floor. We've been sitting on the floor since Wednesday. The kids could not resist and had several pillow fights during the week. I finally had to say the pillow fights had to be silent as they were disturbing the other classes.

The day came and we started off going to the Kindergarten class who were doing Japan. They were so cute and did an excellent job. Then we were visited by the 2nd grade. Then we visited the 2nd grade and learned about Australia. After that we went to the 6th grade who were doing Thailand. They had the best food hands down with a fried banana and vanilla ice cream. It was a good thing they were small portions. Then we had a break until the 6th grade came to us. Then it was lunch and recess (shortened) and back to the rooms. Our last two events were for us to visit the 3rd./4th grades and hear about Egypt. They had set up a "tomb" with a kid dressed as a mummy to scare those who came in. Then the 3rd/4th class came to us and we were done! We had the last time free as well which made for niceness to get things cleaned up. As it is I still need to spend some time at school this weekend to get things donedone.

Our class had a "introduction" presentation then a geography, history and government presentation. Dain brought in a lemon couscous salad and John Kim brought in a bunch of Moroccan money he had printed off the internet and I laminated them for use as whatever. No one really dressed up exactly but Dain and Elijah both brought head coverings of the correct type for their gender. I did dress the part and kept telling people that I was converting to Islam for the day. I made a very white Muslim. I don't have any pictures of me at present but will make sure to get one and post it. I will eventually get some pictures posted on here and on FB.

It was a fun yet tiring day. Next big day we have is the science fair some time in March.

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