Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Subtlity is not their strong point

But that's ok because they are planning me a "surprise" party. My birthday is Thursday and my kids have known this for some time. When March began they started asking me if we were going to have a party for my birthday. I told them that people are not supposed to plan their own parties and if they wanted one they had to plan it themselves. They are planning indeed. I was pretty sure they were but when Elijah called last night to ask his nightly homework question he then "umm"-ed for about 30seconds and then said " Miss Straub, I know a secret about you from the class but can't tell." Then this morning on of the girls hauled everyone (except me of course) into the storage room off my room and they discussed for about 10min. As they were going in Jamie said "Don't worry Miss Straub, we are planning a surprise for you." When they came out Dain handed me a piece of paper with questions on it such as; "What kind of cake do you like? What is your favourite party hat?" and several others along those lines. They also keep talking about a cake and who is going to the bakery after school. Subtle they are not but that's ok - I know they love me! I'll let you know how things go and post pictures later.


Rhonda said...

That is soooo cute! I hope that you have a great day on Thursday!
AI update: Chris Sligh is smoking!! Results tomorrow night!

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday, Joanna!!!