Saturday, March 17, 2007

Science Fair

So Science Fair is over and done with. Not that it was too strenuous on my part but nonetheless its nice to be done. I do not think there is anything until the Spring Program which is after Spring Break.

The kids all did a fairly good job and I was pleased with the results. They award places in every class and then have a Best of Show for the Elementary and for the High School. Elijah got first place with his volcano report, Jamie's Eagle report got second and John C's Tigers got third. Dain's Blue Bell report was "Best of Show" on our floor. The other reports were Dogs (Gina), Jaguars and Leopards (Jack) and Stars (John K).

The winners!

Elijah with his project and ribbon.

Jamie and his project.

John Choi with his project.

Dain's "Best of Show".

We got to see the High School Projects and they had some fun ones. There were several who took old experiments (the Archimedes Principle, Galileo's Experiment with Gravity and others) and tried them out. Most of them did not work correctly which made Mrs. Fitch laugh. Then a few students did a Rube-Goldberg project in which you try to see how many steps you can take to pop a balloon. The highest number was 12.

John setting up his project.

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