Friday, March 16, 2007

Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Kids everywhere know some version of this game but the kids in Korea take it to the next level and Rock (which actually often comes out "lock") Paper Scissors everything. They use it to decide who does/gets what, and they use it in games too. One of the teachers (I think it's Laura) is convinced that they play it to decide the President. Their penchant for the game is rather convenient; when you have more than one student who wants something, just tell them to Rock Paper Scissors, and whatever the result, all are happy. They have ways to play it with more than two. I've only figured out how they play it with three. Beyond three I have no idea.

One of the games they play with it is "Potato". This is played mostly by the guys. They sit in a circle (I've seen 9 boys in a circle) and play, and as they lose they put their hands in a pile. The winner gets to hit the pile of hands as hard as he can. They will play this for the entire break time (about 30 min) and by the end their hands are sore and red. Its really funny. They complain about it, but we have no sympathy for them.

The boys playing Potato during an indoor recess.

I've decided I'm going to have my kids (if I ever have kids) rock paper scissors everything too. Who wants to ride in the front seat? Rock paper scissors it. Who wants the last piece of cake? Rock paper scissors. I don't see a down side to this.

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Rhonda said...

Jessica and I went to Atlanta to visit SCAD (Savanah School of Art and Design) and saw the COOLEST poster of rock, paper, and scissors...ever...done by a student!