Monday, March 12, 2007

Very Uncool

Last week the building on the corner across from us was demolished. There is now a new building being built in its place. This normally would be all well and good but we are talking about Korea here. Now for whatever reason they are not using any heavy machinery (my thoughts are because of the limited space here). Actually, I think the only powered anything they are using is a drill. So every morning starting shortly after 7 AM we hear the sounds of hammering on plywood. Every. Morning. Including Saturday and Sunday. They also do not put up the usual protective apparati (again, I'm thinking this has to do with space). They tie something slightly resembling cheesecloth to the netting, but presumably (and it is to be hoped) something somewhat stronger. How safe this is I don't know; I could go right up and touch the cloth if I wanted. Obviously it's really not so bad during the week as I am at school the entire day and they are finishing up about the time I get home but still. I was very crabby Sunday morning when I finally got out of bed.

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Rhonda said...

Hope that the box contents help you relax through the annoying sound!