Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Piece of Home

I'm really not a Starbucks fan. It's too bitter. I much prefer Caribou Coffee (which I had never heard of until I moved to Minneapolis). The last thing I'd do before I got on the plane to go to Korea was to get a Campfire Mocha from the airport Caribou. The people there know me now and know where I am going. Well, yesterday Linda said she saw some Koreans on the subway with Caribou Coffee. So she emailed the company and they told her where in Korea they were. Today she and I went and I got my Campfire Mocha (she got the Turtle Mocha/Latte whatever). We were taking a bunch of pictures we were so excited. One of the employees spoke very good English and told us that there are actually 4 (the reply to Linda's email said they want to open 50 in the next year). So there are two very happy Americans in Bongcheon, who plan on going again soon.


mel said...

You're kidding me! They have Caribou Coffee in Korea but not in Greenville???

I've actually been to a Caribou Coffee only once (in Charlotte), but I thought the Turtle Mocha was really good!

Kyle said...

My family has always preferred Caribou Coffee over Starbucks. Unfortunately I don’t have one in South Bend to my knowledge. How is it that you have one in South Korea and I don’t have one in South bend? Considering it’s a college town--and we all know how much coffee college students drink--you’d think South Bend would have one.