Friday, May 04, 2007

School Program

Last night was the Spring Program; "A Tour of the Americas". It consisted of several songs and stories (presented as plays) from North and South America. My kids did a story from Haiti about a boy and his donkey. Jamie was the donkey and John Kim was the boy. As with the Christmas Program the day started late (10:30) and went untill after the program. So the crazy things for the year are over with a possibility of a field day event later (we are still working on that one) and the usual end of the year activities. The video is (obviously) of the kids singing "Alouette".


mel said...

Hey, "A Tour of the Americas" was my 6th grade program! I still remember one of my lines... "The chief's daughter knew that only the wise could see Strong Wind run." ;-)

My favorite part of the program was "Don Gato," though.

I wish I knew where the videotape of that one went!!!

yfm said...

Those kids are so cute when they sing!