Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Final Book

First the movie:

I saw Harry Potter 5 the weekend it came out. It is my favourite HP movie thus far. There were a few scenes that I was supposed were in there and a few were missing that I wish were not but what do you expect with a book of close to 900 pages? My one beef was Umbridge who I did not get the satisfaction of hating. I love Rupert Grint. He's the perfect Ron.

Now the book:
I know there are a few people who have not yet read the final book so I shall do my dead level best to not ruin anything for you. She takes no prisoners as is evidenced in I believe the second (maybe 3rd) chapter. Many of her victims are surprising and there are several who are not (at least for me). Snape's story is amazing. Made me cry. This is the second book that has made me cry. Ever. It's a wonderful, bittersweet book. I am constantly amazed at her superb job of maturing her characters. And three cheers for Mrs. Weasly!!!

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