Thursday, August 30, 2007

Return to Korea

Mylinda and Lisa (my new roommate) in the subway.

Jessica (Linda's new roommate) at Namdaemoon.

It's difficult to read, but the sign says (in Korean, Arabic and English);

"We pray for the safe return of the Korean hostages in Afghanistan."

Lisa in front of Namdaemoon gate.

The celing under the arch of the gate.

History of the gate.

The changing of the guard in front of the gate.

City Hall. They were getting ready for the Korean Drama Awards.
Korean dramas are somewhat akin to American Soap's.
The flower's on the mural are the Rose of Sharon, Korea's national flower.
What the mural was made of.

What the real thing looks like. To me it looks like a hybiscus.

Kids playing in the fountian at City Hall.

Cute kid.

Wide shot of the fountian.
Making water angels.
Some book statues by the fountian having
something to do with the life cycle of salmon.
The sign says "Do not sell in this area." The shirt is for sale.
So are these (pirated) DVD's (I bought some).
On the way home.
I love my camera. This was from a swiftly moving cab.


YFM said...

GREAT pics - I can hrdly wait to see for myself! Tons of lovin, YFM

Min said...

Just passing by and thought I would let you know that the Rose of Sharon is a Hibiscus.