Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Random Things

You might've noticed that I've added two more blogs to the "Oriental Blog" section. Adventures Far and Near is Amy Nicewander's blog. She is from my church back in the US and now she is teaching here! Seoul Sister is Jessica's blog. She is one of the new teachers here.

So my choir has been changed to the school paper. At first I had only two guys for the choir who eventually changed to another elective. Now I have three guys all of them are in the Sr. High. John is new this year (he's in gr. 10) and Rocky and Henry are both in gr. 11. John and Henry are kinda quiet but Rocky more than makes up for the other two. Rocky had actually been kicked out of Art because he and his best friend were in the class together as they had been last year and Mrs. Lee (the Art teacher) was not going to put up with them again. Not that they are bad, they are just typical best-friend teen boys. So yesterday Rocky was crabby about being in my class but got over it as the hour went on. Then today he declared that "Newspaper is better than art."

This did not happen in my class but I'm gonna relate it anyway. Jessica is trying to get her speech kids to project so one of her ideas is to play Taboo. Samuel and Chris were on the same team and Samuel had the word "broom". His clue to Chris; "Friend of Mop". Chris got it.

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