Thursday, September 06, 2007

Doing right is not always fun

Today was rather discouraging. In fact, in one way this whole beginning of school has been discouraging. One of the main rules here is that the kids are supposed to speak English at all times, they know this. In fact, all the HS kids take an English proficiency test before they are admitted, so most, if not all of the kids are more than able to converse in English. This year they are not even trying to speak English when they are not in class (some times even in class). I try to get the kids to realize that they need to obey and to what is right because ultimately it is honouring to God. What's discouraging is that no matter what I say or do they don't seem to care. And some of the other teachers don't seem to think it matters. I was talking today to some of them at lunch and mentioned that it was a sin problem. This teacher said that it was not a sin problem (despite the rule) because the kids are ESL kids. Other teachers comment on how cute they are when they speak Korean. This makes me feel like I'm the bad guy because I'm the only one trying to get them to do right. But I still try to do the right thing difficult though it is. So please pray for me that I am able to communicate to the kids that no matter what they need to obey the rules and that I am able to do it in a kind matter. I have a tendency to be harsh.

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YFM said...

I will pray - God will strengthen and help you. Isn't amazing how He works on us and changes in the most interesting of circumstances. LYT - YFM