Saturday, September 08, 2007

"My Father"

Sorry daddy, this ain't about you. (=

I've never had a great interest in Korean film due, in large part, to my inability to understand the language. But there was one movie that looked interesting, partially because the headlining actor (Daniel Henney) is quite attractive and also partially because there was a good bit of English in the film. Well, Linda, Jessica and I saw it tonight. The name of the movie is "My Father" and is about (in short) an adopted (by Americans) Korean man who comes to Korea to find his father. Of course there are the usual obstacles (is the man in question really his father? whats up with the mother?). I enjoyed it and am sure I would have enjoyed it more had I been able to understand everything (I still am not sure if the guy was his dad, nor am I sure of what exactly was going on with the mother). If course many of the important scenes were in Korean and had no sub-titles. But I was able to understand enough of the story through what English there was and being able to figure out things from the action on screen. The vote was unanimous as we left the theater; we need to get a pirated version that has the subtitles so we can get the entire story.

Not sure if the movie will ever be in US theatres but if it is I think you ought to go (word of warning, there is quite a bit of language in some of the parts that are in English). If not, look for it later in the foreign section wherever you get your movies.

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