Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Prison Break and Stealing Lions

One of the things I love about my schedule is that I have all the lunch hours free. So I'm usually able to see all the kids in school. I love it because I get to keep up with the elementary kids who I got to know last year. Anyway, often I hang out with the Sr. High after they are finished because they have some time between the end of lunch and when class starts. Letting them hang out in the room sans supervision is not the best idea; one day I was not there and I heard a crash - they had knocked over the podium. Last week I was talking to Rocky and Danny when they informed me that I looked "like the girl from Prison Break." When I asked, they said it was a good thing but as they are teen boys known for being a bit mischievous I'm not too sure about it. But I'll take it as a compliment and ignore the rest. They have taken to calling me Sarah when the mood strikes them. If you're interested in what she looks see below. Judge for yourself though I don't really see it.
Today in Life Science (grade 7) Chris was looking for his pencil case, which looks like a stuffed lion. He also calls it his brother (yes, Chris is a bit strange but he knows that). He could not find it no matter where he looked. Emma had it. Emma is very quiet, the type you kinda feel sorry for. But also as usually happens in those situations she is quite the opposite. She just sat there laughing as he tried to figure out where his stuff was. Not sure if he ever got it.

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yfm said...

High forhead, wide open eyes, full lips, long face - I see it. (: