Thursday, September 13, 2007


As part of my attempt to get the kids to speak English I have taught the guys in my newspaper hour how to play Scrabble. Or as Rocky calls it "Scramble". Every Friday we play a game. The winner gets the equivalent of $10. I do not mind helping them and still giving them the money. If anyone "scrables" (uses all 7 of their letters) I will give them $50. This tells you the faith I have in their English. I've only Scrabbled twice in the 14 years I have played the game. Anyway, last week Rocky beat me (with ozone, the "z" on a double letter score and the first "o" on a double word score. I had shown him zone but he saw he could make ozone.) When I handed him the money he ran around hollering and showing it to everyone till right before the next class started. He came to me and handed it back and said "You helped me, next time I will not have help." I told him I did not mind at all but he refused. The pictures are of the board and of Rocky with his money. I did not help with every word on the board. Many of them they guys got on on their own. (I just realized there is a non-word on there. Oh well.)

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