Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Suwon Folk Village

Yesterday several of the teachers got up early and went down to Suwon (about an hour south) to see the folk village they have there. For those of you familiar with The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, or Colonial Williamsburg it's basically the same thing but for Korea. It being a holiday the village was packed but we managed to have fun! As we were waiting for the shuttle bus the guy walked up to Jessica and started taking her picture with his phone. This went on for about 5 min until she finally told him to stop. When we got to the village we saw they had a place where you could get your picture taken in a Hanbok (traditional dress). We asked about it thought it was a reasonable price so we did it. Turns out we were mistaken. We had thought the guy was telling us how much per picture but he was telling us per person...$20 later... So we walked around and saw the village (which I was not that interested in to be honest, though most likely because of the crowds) and eventually went over to the other side of the park that has a small amusement park and several museums which I thought were more interesting (possibly because it felt like there were fewer people). We did a few rides and looked at the museums and then went and saw a few shows on the village side. The farmers dance was cool except for the percussion instruments they were using (take a kid using a fork to bang on his mothers saucepans, multiply x 100 and you have the idea). Then we went home after a fun but tiring day.

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