Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Students

This post is going to be long just to warn you (but then you can see that).

I realized that I have not told you about my kids! I am the homeroom teacher for Grade 10, I also teach them Biology. Until this past Wednesday I had 8 but then I got a new girl and Thursday I got a new boy. I now have 7 boys and 2 girls. I know if you look at the numbers it does not add up but I have a girl from grade 11 come to Biology. Of the kids in the class only one (Joshua) has been here longer than this year. I feel bad because Joshua has a brother (Joseph) and I'm always calling them by the other one's name. Esther and John are twins. Esther is very sweet and John is fun to tease (he is actually in my Newspaper class too). Max seems to have the best English and that's because he spent last year in Duluth MN as a foreign exchange student. Jessie is the quiet smart one (though they are all smart actually) who has a hidden sense of humour. James sleeps in my class and is not doing very well but is improving. Cindy and Justin seem like they will fit in and be good additions to the class. Spirit Week is coming up again and I had several of them over to work on the class poster. About half of them came and it was neat to see them out of the class room setting. They have all become friends and are doing a good job of including the new kids. It's funny to hear them speak in Korean because most of them are so quiet and hesitant when they speak English.

My newspaper hour has 4 boys. I already have told you about John and even a bit about the other boys but I'll do so again. The other boys are all in grade 11. Danny, Rocky and Henry (who is actually taking the S.A.T. today) are all very typical teen boys (last week Rocky climbed out of the window during class - we are on the 3rd floor. I threatened to close it and lock it if he did not get in now.). Henry is a bit quieter and more well behaved but he still can have his moments. Meanwhile Danny and Rocky.... When Rocky came last year his English was terrible. He was also lazy. This year we have a totally new Rocky; better English and almost all A's. He works very hard. He speaks Korean still when he is not supposed to but it's now out of laziness. But when I have to discipline him he is very receptive and I am beginning to see a slight change. Danny is probably the student I am closest to. He and I talk lots about many different things. He can have an attitude problem but again, I have been trying to show him how to think Biblically and he too seems to be improving. (When I say that I am trying to help them/deal with them I do not mean to imply that I am the only one doing this, other teachers do as well, but this is what I am doing and seeing in my class.)

Life Science kids are the kids I taught last year for reading class who are now in grade 7. Chris and Samuel are still Chris and Samuel (mischievous little punks, who like to flirt with the girls; especially Chris.). Emma and Grace are still quiet but hard workers (though when Chris gets on her nerves Emma can be quite surprising). And Nicole has a friend now who is at the same level she is on English-wise and that's Lianne. Both Nicole and Lianne are the types who freak out about the minor details thinking that those will adversely affect their grades (*ahem* Joshua Peter Straub)

And then we have grade 8. Grade 8 is the "that class" of SCS. But I really think part of the reason is because there are so many of them (roughly 1/3 of the Jr. High/High School is the grade 8). They are in two sections depending on if they are in band or orchestra. The orchestra section is the smaller with only 7. There are 15 in the band section. Because there are so many I will not give you details on many kids but I will give you their names. In 6th hour Earth Science I have; Daniel, Sarah P, Paul, Sally, Jorin, Joel, Angelina, David L, Joanne, David S, Christine, John H, Sophia, John S, and John C. 7th hour has Frank, Philip, Sarah Y, Ayana, Jane, Qurie, and Michelle. Whats funny about many of the boys is they like to tell me I am beautiful or use other adjectives along those lines. Philip and David S do it the most but Daniel is starting to do it often too. Everyone else does it usually when they want something. I impressed the 6th hour boys when they learned that I know the names of some WWE wrestlers (don't ask) and that I have played Starcraft and Warcraft. In fact, they were so impressed that they invited me to play Survivor with them. Survivor is essentially like paintball but done with pellet guns. I thought about it but realized I had something going on that evening so said no. Before I did though, they were fighting over which team would get me.

Particular prayer requests; for me as I try to help Danny and Rocky (grade 11), and for the boys too. They know how to do right but don't know how to do right (if that makes any sense). But they are receptive and willing to change. I do believe that they are saved. For Paul (grade 8) to be a leader and a good leader. He has parents who have taught him and he knows how to do right but often he will follow along instead of trying to influence for good. I am trying to encourage him to do so. Ed is praying that all of the teachers will have 2 kids who they can latch onto and try to help and encourage to become more godly. I think I might have three already. But that's ok and I am willing to put the effort into it.

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