Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Good Week (so far).

I mentioned in a previous post about working with some of the guys in my classes. Well, Monday Danny came to me and said "Miss Straub, God helped me control my anger this weekend." The very short version is that he almost got int0 a fight in the library and stopped just short of punching the guy. Then they became friends.
Sunday AM I was able to lead a little girl to the Lord. I taught her brother Jamie last year and he and his sister (Sonya) have started attending our church. Well this Sunday was communion and I was explaining it to them (Jamie is saved) and Sonya said she did not know if she had Jesus in her heart. I told her we could talk afterward if she wanted and she did. I took her through part of the Romans Road and she accepted Christ. Sonya is the third kid in the school to get saved. Two others have gotten assurance of their Salvation and two are wanting to get baptized. Jamie (Sonya's brother) is in both of the latter categories. Linda says he is being a witness at home and really wants his father (who is Buddhist) to get saved. We are hoping that we can use the baptism as a means of witness.
This week is Spirit Week. I was not too into SW in school and am still not even as a teacher. But as I am a teacher I have to get into it. Ah well - it's not too bad. Anyway...the schedule is a bit off and today the Speech class and the Newspaper class ended up hanging out together. It was really fun. For the past several days Chris (in grade 7) has regaled Rocky (grade 11) with his sleight of hand. So today Chris was able to show Rocky how to do some of those tricks. Then they played some of what I call "Pain Games". Chris has ridden horses for years and as a result is solid as a rock. He took all of his "punishment" like a man, while the senior boys squealed like little girls. Danny eventually gave up but Rocky would not. He is now covered in bruises. It was neat because I think the boys might end up as friends. In Korea it us unusual to consider people younger than you "friends". But it would be neat if somehow there might be a kind of exception eventually.

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