Friday, October 12, 2007

Spirit Week

So Spirit Week is over. Monday was Korea Day; Tuesday, Western Day; Wednesday, Formal Day; Thursday, Sports Day and Friday, Clown Day. We started off not to well, getting no points until Wednesday when we won 1st place for our poster. Thursday we got points for Best Spirit then today Steve got us points for Best Dressed Boy.

We did a teacher skit on Wednesday that was a hit. "The Top 10 Things to do on the Subway when Your Mp3 Dies". Lisa was the main character and caused lots of problems (wait - she does that anyway). Thursday we did a class cheer and Friday we did a skit. Grade 10 did the Penny skit. Boys keep coming into class late and giving the same excuse "I threw a penny in the fountian." Finally a wet girl comes into the room and says she is Penny. As you can see by the slides, I was Penny. Steve was more than thrilled to dump water on me. The 11th/12th kids won the skit and deserved it. It was just about a class hour and getting a new student. A girl. Played by Rocky. In a skirt (alas I did not get pics but if I get some from other teachers I'll share them). I am buying my kids doughnuts on Monday for doing well on the skit and the cheer and getting them pizza at one point for getting the Spirit points.

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