Thursday, November 22, 2007


So yesterday was the Thanksgiving chapel. We had a singspiration/praise service, and afterwards we spent time with our kids. Jessica went to Thailand Tuesday night so I took her homeroom as well as mine. (made for a total of about 15) I brought my coffee maker, and stuff for hot chocolate. I also made cookies and popcorn. We mostly hung out and played games; gongi, jenga, chess and a few other things. Then Danny, Rocky and Henry took me out to lunch (it was a half day). The three of us had some good conversation over galbi (yum), during which Danny made me feel warm and fuzzy by telling me (in so many words) that he appriceated me and the way I treated him. He said I'm the only teacher who tries to understand students and does not think they are all bad kids. I laughed at that last part and let him in on a secret; I'm trying to understand how they are thinking so I can show them the Biblical way to think, and if they know the right way to think they will do much better in the long run. I love talking to Danny especally, because he is so teachable. He does not respond well to "snap" punishment (but then who does) and if you take him aside and talk to him more often than not you will find what his actions result from a lack of Biblical thinking and knowledge and not a malacious spirit. Anyway, yesterday was a good day and I am so far enjoying my Thanksgiving break. So with Thanksgiving in mind I shall leave you with a list of things I am thankful for (in no particular order):
~ For wonderful students, they never cease to make me smile
~ For the opportunity to be over here teaching
~ For my wonderful (though very strange) family; all of them
~ For Mommer. You are the bestest mommer anyone could ask for and I do not tell you enough how much I love and appriceate you. Thanks for all you have done in making me who I am! I know it was not easy
~ For the ability to keep in close contact with those I love through the internet
~ For floor heat. It is wonderful. I'm going to miss it when I no longer have it
~ For a God who is soverign and knows where I'll be this time next year and what I'll be doing, cuz I sure don't know!
~ For good friends. You know who you are

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YFM said...

I love having YOU for my ABCDDDDD!
Appreciate the thankful list - it is like you were at the table! We talked about what attribute or characteristic of God we appreciate, we read Psalm 145 - each a verse or 2 and sang Come Ye Thankful People Come. Melissa asked dad for a quick lesson and it was great. The attributes God does not share with His creation and the attributes He does share with His creation. A good time was had by all! Missed you but your pic was with Rhonda and mine - at the campfire this summer.Hope your day with Amy was great.