Monday, November 26, 2007

This and that (and a bit of TMI)

First the TMI: I have athletes foot. Ick. I've been wearing socks around in case that's what the problem was but now I know. I hate feet. I also have a knot on my left sole. Grrrr. Can we just cut 'em off?

This: Laura (lifelong friend and former fellow teacher) is blogging again. She is under the "Occidental Links". Kim has changed venues (Xanga to Blogger) but the name is still the same'n'stuff.

That: I've always enjoyed the company of boys over girls (for the most part). Mostly because boys can be very funny. Like today when Henry had to tuck and untuck his shirt for 15 minutes after school (every time I saw it it was out and is supposed to be in). Jerry and Rocky were hanging out in the room waiting for him and the three of them started to talk about lower stomach hair (when he untucks his shirt Henry pulls it unnecessarily high, despite my attempts to get him not to). And comparing who had more hair. Thats when I left the room; covering my ears as I went. I about died of laughter when I heard Henry (who apparently is kinda hairy) say "But I am going to shave my stomach!" They asked me what the descending line of hair under the navel is called in English. I told them "stomach hair" worked. I was not about to give any explainations. If you don't know what it's called, ask someone else.

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