Sunday, December 09, 2007

Buncha Diff'rnt Things

I've been rather lazy about posting. Sorry (ok, not really).

A while back I was getting out my paltry Christmas Decorations and getting slightly bummed about the lack thereof (my "tree" was 8 inches high and made of 2 pieces of felt). I asked the Lord for some better decorations and He answered! About 2 days later I went to the 1,000 won store ($1 store) and they had a bunch of Christmas decorations, including a 36"(ish) tree. So I spent 8,000 won and got a tree, 12 red and 12 gold bells, 9 red and 9 gold balls and 2 strands (one red and one gold) of garland that has bells on it. I also got a gold bell for the top as they did not have anything else really useable. No one was selling lights yet but last week I found some for 2,500 won (120 lights on the strand). So now I have a tree and am much happier!

We have been fighting a constant battle with the boys regarding their hair. Androgeny is in here (but thankfully not '80's style) and the boys want long hair. I've been after Dr. Johnson to let me just cut the boys hair but he kept saying no. Well finally he had had it and told me Friday that I could cut hair that was not up to par. So I start Monday. It's terrible I know, but I can't wait to cut some hair. I'm not going to butcher it intentionally but I am also not going make a great attempt at making it look nice; just check. I'm sure I'll only have to cut hair for about 2 weeks.

I've been looking for a place to get massages and finally found a close one; 25,000 won for an hour. It was lovely, but at the same time very painful! I'm going to try to go every 2 weeks or so. I've long since named my knots; Danny, Rocky, John, James...

I've had media issues of late too; about 2 weeks ago I bought the new Josh Groban CD (it was a legit copy, still in the plastic and everything) but when I put it in my CD player it was not Josh Groban. It was some Korean heavy metal band. Somehow the CD had gotten the wrong image printed on it. Thankfully I got my money back. I tried again this weekend and the CD was right this time. I also got The Sea Hawk with Errol Flynn this weekend (you can get classic movies for cheap here) but when I went to watch it, the disc was defective. It was only 5,000 so I'm just gonna eat the cost. I don't feel like going back.

Bah - 2 weeks till Christmas vacation. It's hard to believe I'm almost done here (at least my initial contract; I still have no idea if I'm returning next year. If you know of any job openings [or rich single men] lemme know please! Especally about the men).


whatSNUinlife said...

That was a hilarious post, Joanna. BTW, where did you get the info on the hangul for "insane asylum"? We've been trying to find it on Naver and Google but to no avail. Did your students tell you that? You believe them?;)

Muzz said...

LOVE the tree!