Sunday, December 16, 2007

I really need to post more often

I really need to post more often because when I do post I always forget things I wanted to mention (like in the last post I meant to mention I had found a kid to have cigarettes in his pocket [he is no longer a student]) maybe I'll remember everything this time.

I have done 5 haircuts this past week; one 8th grader and four elementary kids. They all pleaded with me not to cut their hair and swore that they would get hair cuts that night but to no avail. I told one kid that his hair was almost too long and he came the next day with a hair cut. *Evil chuckle* I love this kind of power.

Thursday was the Christmas program which to my knowledge went well. I was only able to see the Orchestra part. After they were done we all went up to the music room to wait till it was over. We don't have enough space for everyone to stay down there the whole time. One more week then 2 weeks of vacation. Which reminds me; I need to call the hotel and see if they got my reservation.

I spoke to Mrs. Johnson Friday about options for next year. I told her the only capacity I am interested in staying for would be some sort of school counselor type position. She basically said yes right then. So I now have lots of praying to do; I have no idea what I want to do. I want to stay but I also want to leave. I have 'till February to let her know. Please be praying with me that I make the right decision and that I am willing to do whatever God wants me to do. I am but sometimes I'm not.

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Muzz said...

You and Josh need to get together!
I really enjoy the posts and pics, so yes - I vote for more.