Sunday, December 16, 2007

See? I knew I'd forget something!

This is actually something that I forgot several times. Booo. Anyway; I've long had an obsession with triangular mugs (as in mugs needs to be triangular). A while ago I was out and I found a mug that was semi-triangular. I had to get it. Now if I only could get more....
Also on that trip I found my Korean trinket box. Somehow over the years I've started collecting trinket boxes (please don't give me any; I prefer to choose my own unless they are brought from another country) and had yet to find one here. But in Insadong I was at what I call a "shady seller" (literally a shelf in an alley) and they had a jade box with bats on it. Apparently bats are some signifigant Korean symbol (something to do with prosperity I think). The sticker said 17,000 won (about $17) but I was not too interested in paying that much for it. So I asked if he'd take 10,000 and I got my box!! That was a successful trip IMO.

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