Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in Korea

So my Christmas was rather uneventful, but I'm good with that. Sunday night John, Kay, Merilee and Ed came over at 10:00 to see Amazing Grace (which I loved) and eat spaghetti. By the time everyone left it was 2:30! But I did not mind, we had some good conversation. Then today I had John, Kay and Merilee over again and made soup this time. But we did not party as late; Merilee was the last to go and she left about 11.
The soup. Wow! I can't say enough about it! I made it not really knowing what to expect but it was amazing. The recipe is here but I modified it a bit; no potatoes and I added a very large carrot as well as parsley (about 4 tbs), rosemary and thyme (about 1 tbs ea). Sooooo good!

Merilee and John did my dishes!

Kay worked on my puzzle.


muzz said...

Happy Christmas!

Ben said...

Joanna, I am making your soup! YUM!! Thanks for posting that recipie...I was looking for a good ham soup recipie to use the leftover Christmas Ham, so I was excited to find that! It's cooking right now, and smells sooo good! Can't wait to taste it! :0)