Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Mini-Vacation

Wednesday Merilee and I went to another part of Seoul for a few days. We decided that since it was our vacation we would take taxis everywhere. They are very cheap and it made us feel more like we were vacating. The hotel was ok, not as good as I thought (hoped) it would be but it was still nice. The worst part was the rock hard bed. The view of Lotte World was lovely. Thursday we wandered around the Olympic Park Sculpture Garden and a few other places then Friday we went bowling with one of the other teachers at one if the army bases. It is very interesting being in a country where they still have a strong American military presence. We get the basic AFN (armed forces network) chanel here and it's neat to see the armed forces from their point of view.

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muzz said...

Tons of fun!!! I am looking forward to seeing the sights!