Friday, January 25, 2008

Many much things

But I can't remember them all. This is yet another reason that I need to post when I think about things and not think "Oh, I'll just say it this weekend when I post." Whatever; I'll start with what I remember.

The school likes us to do after school clubs. Usually these are more "fun" related (cooking, games, etc) and in the High School are not always very well attended. Danny and I were talking earlier this week and he mentioned wanting to improve his reading comprehension, especially as he prepares to take the SAT. So I got the idea to do an "SAT Reading Comprehension Prep Club". Since Danny was the inspiration for the idea I let him help in the choosing of the book. I chose about 30 and then he picked. I was very happy with his choice; "The Screwtape Letters". I've mentioned the club to all of the kids and many of them seem interested. We start the second full week of February (we have only 2 days of school the first week). I'll let you know how things go. I'm excited about it!

I got a new shirt last night. It's got a picture of a little girl with, wings, donkey ears (???) little fangs and a rather ticked-off expression. The words over her head; "I'm angel." I fail to see where the ears fit in, but that's part of what makes the shirt so great. I wore it today and never have I had such a reaction from the kids. I think my favourite was Christine; "Oh nonono! I cannot look! It is lie." Rocky's was a close second; as soon as he saw it he laughed and said "That is irony." Jerry later added "And paradox. And hyperbole. And oxymoron."

Now that Chemistry is no longer in Jessica's room I see more of Steve. Jessica and I were right; he was going to her room during homeroom because he is so lazy he did not want to walk the 10 feet to her room when first hour started. Steve cracks me up. He's a fun kid. He's always giving things to teachers and rather unceremoniously at that. Like this week, he said "Here." And gave me his picture. Other times it's been candy, a drink, a pencil. All given in much the same manner, though sometimes he never says anything. He's been fun to have in homeroom. He has these non-verbals that are hysterical.

Still no idea what's going on next year. I come and go as to wanting to stay or not. Please keep praying!!

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muzz said...

Donkey = stubborn - I get it - totally! (: