Friday, February 08, 2008

Spa!!!....sort of

To celebreate the Year of the Rat Mylinda, Linda, Jessica, Lisa and myself went to a "spa" about two hours away. Spa is a bit of a misnomer; I'd call it a waterpark for adults. Pay about $20 to get in and you have full access to everything. A few things cost extra but the basic fee is the 20. They have several dozen pools all with different attributes, including an outdoor heated pool. One was even coloured green and another pinkish red. Not too sure why. They also had a womens spa area where you went...nautral. As I was with people slightly more inhibited than I we did not do that, though I was up for it. One of the things you pay extra for was "Dr. Fish". Dr Fish are little fish that nibble on the dead skin of your feet. I am very tickelish and so it took a while to adjust but once I did it was fun. We were making all kinds of shreaking and giggleing noises and I'm sure the Koreans in the area were not too happy with us. My feet feel softer and I think it's something I'd do again. The day was fun and as we left we were making plans to go agian. Alas I do not have pictures as my camera finally got tired of being dropped/bumped and started being bad. Danny has taken it to a shop in Seoul and I hope to get it back soon!
Tonight there is talk of going to the 24 hour shopping area and coming back in the morning for pancakes.

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