Sunday, March 23, 2008

Age is inevitable, maturity is optional.

Happy Belated Birthday to me! Yesterday, (3/22) I turned 25. I am now offically old: at least thats what people keep telling me.

Birthday was goodish. Of late I've been missing my friends and family so there were moments where I was not as happy as I could have been. I got lotsa "girly" stuff, including a cool "nail pen" that lets me do teeny drawings on my nails. I'm going to go get more colours once I have mastered it. Apparently I have more things coming my way...always happy.

The other teachers are going hither for Spring Break. I thought about going but opted out in the end. I like my roommate and all but the thought of my apartment to myself (plus cat I will be caring for) for a week is more than thrilling. I'm planning on getting things done and being a lazy bum. It is possible to do both; I did it at Christmas.

Danny came to see me on Friday. He ws just dropping off a cute little cake and to say "Happy Birthday". He likes his new school; he's doing a homeschool co-op run by one of our church translators. Apparently he is planning on going to America next year. Pleaste keep praying for him!

I'm hungry, so I shall be done with this and go get food.

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The Straubs said...

so the other teachers are going where they currently are? and you though about joining them? what strange lives you lead.