Friday, March 14, 2008

Is a happy life lately

Begining of the day saw me inundated with candy; today is White Day in Korea, which as far as I can tell, means that guys give candy to girls.

Ever since the Chemistry Cheating Debacle, Rocky has been (in lieu of better terminology) in a better mood. I'm not sure if it's the lack of guilt from cheating or the lack of the negative influence of Danny, but at anyrate, he's back to the how he was at the begining of the year. Tuesday he spent the entire of second hour telling stories from when he was a kid. Like the time he thought he had SARS (he was about 10), he checked the paper every day for a week to see how many people had died. Today he told me one of his favourite memories from when he was younger was waking up to his mother singing hymns and that it was "very comforting".

Steve too has been in a different mood lately. But he's become more...strange I guess. The Chemistry class has to be in the play and Steve has been wandering around school, randomly and proudly proclaiming "I am in the play!" in a rather loud voice. When asked about it he, still proudly, says "I am an orphan. I get to cry." Then pantomimes crying. He has been showing a sweeter side too; moving Ashley's things for her when she had to switch lockers, and letting Grace wear his sweatshirt for the day when she was cold. He still teases the girls to no end: during homeroom this week "Miss Straub!! Why is he still here??" was a repeated phrase from Esther.

Today I gave grade 8 a test. Usually I have a pretty even spread of all letters. But the lowest grade was a "D", and even at that, one more point and she would have had a "C". The best part was, one girl who usually fails quite misreably, got a 98%!! I am certain she did not cheat, especally because she nearly cried when I told her her grade. She also did not believe me at first, thinking I was teasing.

During lunch the third grade came downstairs to give me little "Thank You" cards and presents. I had helped them with their International Day project on France. The things I got were pretty random (a snow globe, 500 won [50 cents], etc.) but the cards were cute.

So this has been a lovely week. I've been feeling a bit off colour lately but that's on it's way out so 's all good! Next Friday is a half-day starting off Spring Break and next Saturday is my birthday.

I love March.


gloriane said...

i love march, too!! :) and i'm glad to hear you had such a good week! praise the Lord for those! it helps get you through the "less enjoyable" ones. this week was quite a one for me! but it definitely ended on a high: i have a GA position over at the press as their music GA. i will be writing music for their curriculum. i'm so excited!!! love ya!

muzz said...

You are definatly a March kinda gal. In like a lion out like a lamb!