Friday, April 18, 2008

The end of another week

Despite all the frustration that came with Science Fair this was a good week. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of much of the projects. Some kids very obviously did their work the night before, and in a few cases, the day of. Experiments were varied; one about snail droppings (Did you know that a snail's bile is colourless?? What ever colour it's food is will be the colour of its excrement.), one about turgor pressure, one about music and it's effect on heart beat. That's just three of roughly sixty. Some were not so good, but at least an effort was made. Or not.

Through this week I've had many "warm and fuzzies". I took the guys who were working on the Rube-Goldberg machines out for dinner (they had stayed late to finish them) on Wednesday. They are such sweet guys. I also got notes from several kids in grades seven and eight thanking me for teaching them. They were all sweet but my favourites were from John C and Samuel. John is a big tease and said that he was sorry if I ever thought his teasing was mean and that he was just wanting to make me smile. Samuel's was just a "thanks for teaching me" kind of thing but the last sentence made me laugh: "Also, thanks for lending me public lotion." I have a bottle of lotion in my room that I allow the kids to use. Samuel uses it every day and calls it "public lotion" but he says "public" with three syllables. Another warm fuzzy came when I mentioned that I was most likely going to be here another year and one of my 10th grade girls cheered (quietly, but I heard it). I love all the students here. Even the ones I don't teach.

I'm to lazy to put Science Fair pictures up right now. I'll do it this weekend.

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