Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Things

1) Look at the counter! Mum and Deb come in one month!! I went food shopping for their time here today. It was the last Costco run and there were some things from that locale I needed for their time here.

2) A few weeks ago I broke my travel coffee mug. Tragic. It was from Starbucks and was a special Korean one with the Korean characters on it. When I went to go get another one they had stopped carrying it! Even more tragic. I wanted something uniquely Korean and have been on the look out for a replacement. I found one yesterday!! It's from a chain called "Angel-in-us-Coffee" and has little cartoon-type angels all over it along with a little story in Korean. One of my students translated it for me. But I can't remember what it says. I actually think the main angel on the mug (the one the story is about) looks like David, the one who did the translating. So I have a mug again (and an angel one!!) which makes me happy.

3)Have I ever mentioned how much I love my kids, especially my homeroom? I'm not sure if I have yet. Well, if you were wondering, I love them! They are wonderful! Today we were talking about next year schedules and they found out that I was not likely going to be their teacher (Chemistry) next year. They all protested muchly. One even said "No! We need you!! Please be our teacher." It gave me warm fuzzies all day long.

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