Sunday, May 04, 2008

Long Post

Just a bunch of stuff from lately.

I had a really good talk with Rocky this week. I've said several times on here how Rocky wants to do the right thing and how he really does love the Lord. Last Sunday before we went to see the Torch we went to dinner. Ed and I ended up talking about Rocky and how I think he (Rocky) would be a wonderful pastor. Relating this conversation to Rocky engendered much protest ("WHYYYY?? Dr. Myers would say that about anyone! I do not want to be!"). He eventually asked why we thought that and it led to one of the best conversations I've had with Rocky all year. He told me that since beginning to attend our school (he started last year) he has lost a desire to sin as much and that he feels guilty when he does sin. Apparently some of his friends say he is not as fun anymore and don't want to do stuff with him anymore. I asked him what he thought of that and he responded that he needed to keep doing right. He also mentioned that sometimes he feels like he is just doing his devotions because he is supposed to. But he does them anyway because he knows that's how he hears from God (his description). It was very encouraging to hear him talk that way. If all students were like him things would be much easier. We'd have issues, but they'd be easier to deal with, as said before, Rocky is very responsive when it comes to discipline. He actually has a paper on obedience he has to give me on Tuesday. He spoke so much Korean one day he ended up with 2 full weeks of detention. So instead of something that excessive he has to write a 5 page paper for me. Friday I caught him speaking Korean and fussed at him for it (also adding a page to his paper). Not 30 seconds later he did it again, I got not quite angry at him (but came very close) and yelled at him for a bit. After school I apologized to him but he said "It is ok. I understand why you yelled. I should not have spoken Korean." Why can't all students respond like that??


Yesterday we went to the wedding of one of the guys from our church. It was a typical Western-style Christian wedding with a few differences; Bruce did a complete formal bow when the couple was presented to the parents. There was also no kiss. After the wedding they called groups us to take pictures with the couple. No one paid any attention to any of those pictures till it was our (the Church group) turn. Suddenly it was pretty quiet as everyone watched the Americans (8 or so) get their picture taken with the couple. There were a few Koreans from our Church in the pic too, but we all knew why people were looking. Everyone sat at tables for the wedding, which apparently is done here as often as it is in the West. After the wedding several of us went shopping. I got three CD's and a canvas bag that says "I'm not a plastic bag." Actually I got the bag on the way to the wedding but that's a minor detail.

During the wedding.

Monday is Children's Day. It has some meaning I'm sure but the only one I'm interested in is the one that gives us the day off school. I'm in dire need of a break; I've been very very tired of late and it's shown this week. Twice I barked at my 6th hour Earth Science class. Not that they did not necessarily deserve it but I did not need to bark at them in the manner that I did.

We are in the final half of the last quarter. I can't wait for summer.

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