Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm 25

There are a games out there that determine your brains age. Whatever that is supposed to mean. Supposedly the lower the number the better your brain works. According to my second try on this I'm 25. My first said I was 35 but then I was just seeing how it worked before I really tried it. I can tell it's something I'll be playing again and again.

I hate it when I don't listen to myself. At least twice when I was packing to come to the US for the summer I thought "I might need this this summer....naahh." HA! One of the things was not that big a deal but the other really frustrates me because I ought to know by now to always have music with me in case I am asked to sing. I have been asked to sing in Church on Sunday night. I have this one Hymnal that I love and usually sing out of. Since I did not bring it I must resort to using the internet. But I found something that will work. Still...

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gloriane said...

hmmm...wonder who got you that hymnal...must be a pretty cool person... =D