Saturday, July 26, 2008

T-3 weeks (I think)

I got some Crocs today. The ugly kind. And their Mary Jane style which is ok I guess. I wanted the Alice style but they did not have the colour I wanted in my size. Both styles I got in black. I considered getting the ugly ones in a lurid green but decided that they were ugly enough just black. But I know I'll wear them all the time so what can you do eh? I'd wanted some for teaching and "toss on shoes" for some time but was not too interested in spending the money. But my grandmother had sent some money and they were on sale soooo.... I also got some polo shirts for teaching. Most of my clothing I had in college and it's time to get some new things.

I think though my favourite purchase for the summer would be my used copy of CSI:NY season 1. I of course want all seasons but the first is a lovely start. I've also been able to stock up on coffee. Korean coffee is instant and not delicious.

Joshua's having his graduation party tomorrow and some of our family came for it. We have 9 people in the house at this present time. I'm sleeping on the couch in the sunroom. I made Korean food for dinner tonight: bulgogi, kalbi, japche, dakochi, and sesame spinach. I even found kimchi. Several of my family members really liked the kimchi which suprised me. Most Westerners don't like kimchi (I actually do). All the other dishes were quite well received though. Sunday night I am having people from Church over. We're gonna have s'mores.

Dad's in Greenville next week presenting a paper on the emergent church at the Bible Faculty Summit. When he gets back he and mum go to MI for a wedding. After that there is something that I cannot remember then back to Korea! I'm very excited about this coming year.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to motivate 11th/12th graders to pay attention to a class taught via video? The class is Chemistry. I have some ideas but would love to hear others.

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