Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mmmmm, toast

I'm a bit of a toast freak. When in the US, I often have toast (usually with peanut butter) before bed. It was looking like I was going to be toast-less this year as small appliances are quite costly (I saw one toaster here for 57,000 [about $50] and it was nothing special). I finally found one for 18,000 won (about $15). And it is your most basic level of toaster. But whatever, I'll get my money out of it.

Koreans have a different version of toast which I like just as much as American toast. Korean toast is basically an egg sandwich, though sometimes they add other things to it. My favourite version is "Ham/cheese toast" where they add a slice of cheese and ham. It also does not have the brown sugar on it but instead they have this kiwi-sauce-goo that is quite good. And no mayo. Glancing at the initial recipe it seems to be strange if not gross but I assure you, it's quite good. My first year here I posted about a place called "People Baking Toast" that was down the street from me. They had the best toast but alas, they closed last year.

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