Wednesday, October 08, 2008

All better!

So I'm pretty sure Mac is well. No more runny nose or anything like that. Yay!! I won't have the official diagnosis till later this week when I have the time to take him to the vet but it would seem that I won't need to go back for a while. Thanks for praying.

So you remember Cat Man Do? Well, something like that happened this morning at my place. I was tired of forcing medicine down Mac's throat so I decided to mix the last of it with tuna hoping he'd eat that. Well he was on to me and shunned it. So I took away his dry food and left out the tuna (less than 1/4th of a can). 30 hours later it was still in the bowl (sans about 2 bites) and he was cranky. So this morning he was being annoying and trying to wake me up so I would feed him. After I had ignored him /pushed him away for about 10 min he sat on my face. When I'd move he'd adjust as well so as to remain in place. I finally gave in, got up and gave him his dry food. He's also taken to sleeping on my foot when I'm sitting at the computer. What is so appealing about my foot I have no idea.

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Becca said...

Yay Mac!