Friday, November 21, 2008

100 Things; A Stream of Consciousness

I've seen things like this whilst lurking on other blogs. As I like talking about myself I thought I'd do it. You might learn something. Then again, you might not.

1. My favourite number is three.
2. Things in my life have a tendency to come in threes; three countries lived in, three children in the fam (me included), three aunts, three orange cats in life
3. Once I had to think of things in my life that came in threes I forgot most of them.
4. I will be in bed when I remember more.
5. When I'm in bed I tell myself stories.
6. These stories are not said aloud.
7. My favourite day of the week is Thursday.
8. Thursday means Friday and Friday means the weekend
9. Thursday also means CSI:NY
10. I remember seeing previews for the first season of CSI:NY and thinking "Oooo, I like him as an actor. He's really good." about Gary Sinise.
11. At that point the only GS movies I had seen were Apollo 13 and Forrest Gump
12. I am now slightly obsessed with GS. I don't care that he's around my dad's age.
13. I am TOTALLY obsessed with CSI:NY
14. I named my cat Mac after GS' character on CSI:NY
15. I have never been to New York
16. I have been to Beijing
17. I am going to Singapore
18. I want to go to Iceland
19. I want a tattoo
20. It's a matter of time before I have one
21. It will be in Korean and say "grace"
22. I'm not sure where it will be
23. My father most likely had a small fit when he read all that.
24. My parents stopped buying me books when I was 15. They said I read them too fast.
25. As a child my punishments were to have my books taken away
26. I prefer fantasy to reality. In just about everything you could mention.
27. I am actually pretty grounded
28. I can name at least three people who will read #27 and laugh at me
29. I can name at least three people who will read #27 and know it's true
30. I am willing to marry for convenience
31. But I will not marry just anyone
32. Obviously given the choice I would rather marry for love
33. I used to want 5 kids
34. I no longer want kids
35. Teaching has cured me of that
36. But I still love my students
37. I teach Science and French
38. I would rather teach Lit. and Social Studies
39. There is a reason I'm not the math teacher
40. I would consider teaching music
41. My music tastes are eclectic
42. My iTunes has everything from U2 to Rachmaninoff to Regina Spektor to Sound Forth to Shania Twain.
43. There are very few things I will not try
44. There is one thing I said I would not try but did at the behest of my students
45. I rode a ride at a theme park with them
46. I am terrified of most theme park rides
47. I am also not into heights. But can mange.
48. I can't think of a good segue into the next section
49. I want a green Mini Cooper
50. Green is my favourite colour
51. I wear black almost every day
52. I have to consciously choose outfits that do not have black as a main colour
53. I love orange
54. My favourite season is Fall
55. Fall makes me slightly insane(er)
56. I love winter too
57. The cold makes me sleepy
58. I hate hate hate the heat.
59. Det. Stabler on Law and Order:SVU is hott
60. Law and Order is almost as good as CSI:NY
61. House is better
62. House is not quite as good as CSI:NY
63. House is hott
64. I am allowed to appriceate the beauty of God's creation
65. I like teaching Science because I get to teach about Gods creation
66. My favourite thing to teach is Genetics. God made things so similar yet so different; it's facinating to see how the little things make such a ginormous difference
67. I like to draw Punnett squares when I'm bored
68. I hate teaching cytology
69. I rememer learning about cytology in HS and my science teacher doing a toe-touch-split-jump-thing when she said "my-toes-is" (mitosis)
70. I do no such thing when I teach
71. I have been able to use the little Korean I do know when teaching.
72. The kids love this
73. Apparently, the kids love me.
74. I am really and truly and honestly not sure why.
75. I am not sure what I am doing next year
76. I am thankful God is sure what I am doing next year
77. If I go back to the US I will most likely end up in the Chicago area
78. If I stay here it will be to see my kids graduate
79. My kids are Max, Steve, Jesse, and Cindy
80. They were in my homeroom last year
81. They are in my homeroom this year
82. They are also in various other classes I teach
83. I would love to take classes on photography
84. I most often photograph food
85. I love food
86. Its too difficult to choose a favourite food
87. I preffer savoury to sweet
88. I preffer hanging out with guys to hanging out with girls
89. There are about six people in my life I would label as "friends"
90. The Koreans call this type of friendship 친구 (chin-gku)
91. See John 15:13 for a good description of 친구
92. My favourite verse is Psalm 13:6
93. I can never remember the reference to my favourite verse
94. But I can remember what it says and that's what counts
95. I frequently find myself counting my steps as I walk
96. I like to take walks
97. I don't take walks as often as I ought
98. When I walk anywhere my ipod is with me
99. My ipod is a 512mb 1st gen shuffle.
100. I don't care but would not mind something a bit larger.

So there you have it. For those of you who stayed with me for the whole time I hope you were at least amused.


Monica said...

Tremendously amused. :) I miss you! Come visit sometime, eh?

Oh, and I have your Oreos. Now if I can ever remember to buy the coffee, I can send you the package...

muzz said...

So JOANNA! Love ya!