Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Totally forgot this:

About four or five years ago my grandmother bought me a pea-coat for Christmas. Yesterday I put it on and....IT'S TOO BIG!! By quite a bit too! This made me sooo happy! I weigh less than 170 pounds and I can't recall the last time I weighed less than 170. Once I hit 160 I'll be happy to stop but I'd be thrilled to be around 150 though bone-structurally I might not be able to swing it. If I were actually working out I might lose weight faster....I'm just eating really well. Every day I eat breakfast (yogurt) and fruit at lunch. Lunch usually is something good, like home-made soup with lotsa veggies. Dinner is often a light something or other I throw together. Maybe by the time my birthday rolls around I won't have as many rolls. (=


muzz said...

jealousy on many levels!
Seriously happy for you, your BP, your heart, your colesterol, etc...

Can I join our cooking class???

muzz said...

Can i have your coat?