Saturday, November 01, 2008

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I know I've never mentioned this before...ever...but I love my kids. I am glad that God ignored my "I will never teach but if I ever did it will never ever ever be at a Christian School." Thursday I was talking with Max during Homeroom and somehow we started talking about next year. I have no idea what I'm planning on doing next year. I'm leaning towards staying but I have to wait till Feb when the new contracts come out. Anyway, I told Max that I really was not sure about next year and he told me that he wanted me to stay and be there for his last year and for graduation. Friday he came in and asked me if I had made my decision. I told him no and that I would not be making a decision till Feb and that I and several others were praying about it. He said he was going to pray that I will stay. It's nice knowing that some kids like me and want me there.

I've had some opportunities to talk to the seniors about where they are going to college. Most of the girls are planning on applying to Bob Jones. I mean, BJ is good and all (hey, I went there) but in all reality, I don't care where they go. I just want them to go where God wants them to go. Some of the kids (the guys mostly) are mostly concerned with the name and prestige of the college they will go to. I've even had two guys tell me "Bob Jones lets anyone in. I've worked too hard to go to Bob Jones." So pray especally for the guys and that they will be open to "nonprestigeous" schools (BJ or not). It's funny, God must have wanted the seniors to really hear some things this week, because Pastor Threlfall talked about going where God wanted you to go for college and he also talked about choosing your friends wisely. Both things that I know some of the kids heard from other teachers last week.

Spirit week was "last-last" week and it went over really well. Linda's been here for 5 years and she said it was the best one yet. In my three years it was. One of the difficult things about the school is that there is nothing to really get unified about, so I had the idea to put the kids into houses. My elementary school in Canada did it and many other schools do it. The kids gain and lose points all year and at the end of the year the winning team will go to an amusement park. If you've read Harry Potter you know the gist of the idea. So Linda and I came up with the 4 mascots (Tigers, Scorpions, Eagles and Sharks) and points started accumulating with Spirit Week. I and my grade 11 kids are on the Scorpions with grades 5 and 6. Last year I could have shot my kids, they dressed out like once or twice. This year they dressed out just about every day!! Monday was National Pride Day (I wore Canada stuff!); Tuesday was Olympic Day and I planned a bunch of indoor games that we played as teams; Wednesday was Superohero Day (I was a villian); Thursday was Fashion Disaster Day (easy to do in Korea); and Friday was Christmas Day. I have pics that I'll put up eventually...The Tigers (grades 12, 7, 2 and 3) won Spirit Week and got pizza on Friday. We were in second place. The Tigers won because on Thursday they cleaned up in the game (a scavenger hunt), won the cheer, and had a best dressed. For the rest of the year kids'll gain points with good behaviour, and good grades. They'll lose points with bad behaviour and bad grades. They lose 15 points for detentions and I hear when kids get detention: "Awww!! Minus 15 points!!".

The teacher situation is better this year than last year. It's nice having Linda on the floor. There are still issues but not as many. Actually, speaking of next year, Mrs. J already knows of several people who want to come teach. We are actually getting 2 more (maybe three but I doubt that she'll come) in January, which is nice because we are losing Sunah who is going to have a baby in January. There is a guy in our church teaching at an English Hagwan but he wants to come teach here next year plus several at BJ who are planning on applying. We are also out gowing our building (we have about 120 students and really can't hold any more). Mrs. Johnson is talking about buying the bulding next to us and having the High School in one and the Elementary in the other. I have no idea if thats going to happen or not but it would be nice if that did happen.

There wer some other things but I can't remember what they were...thats ok, this post is getting long enough anyway.

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